Matter’s “Paroxysmal” has the raw intensity of industrial meshed with unrelenting noise. Everything here positively dominates: from the aggressive stabs of sheer distortion to the heavy drums kicks. It all works. At times Matter is reminiscent of Pan Sonic at their absolute edgiest (think Pan Sonic’s first Kesto disc and you get some idea). Songs nicely flow off of each other growing in size and scale until they devolve fully into complete chaos.

An industrial hum introduces “Fluid”. From there the sound simply hangs ominously. Elements of melody and rhythm rise out of the white noise to create structure. With these little stabs at development Matter appears to conjure the critical elements of his album: the slow-moving and deeply felt bass, the clipped noises, and the hints of vast spaces. On “Depth” Matter dives deep into the heart of the matter. Beats crunch, handclaps are clipped, and the track lumbers forward with great power. “Surge” opts for a different approach letting the static build up gradually into a full on aural assault. Aptly named “Pressure” destroys everything in its path. Taking the idea of industrial music much further than ever intended “Chamber” jackknives uncontrollably. By far the highlight of the album is the fantastic gleeful abandon of “Ash”. With a rolling bass and pulverizing beat, it possesses an epic melodic sensibility. Perhaps best of all is the finale where it lets the chaos devour it.

Infused with threat and tension, Matter’s “Paroxysmal” is a visceral experience.