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Plaster "Double Connection" (kvitnu 22)

And here’s our new, 22nd release on Kvitnu.

We open this year of releases with work which is strongly connected to our last CD “Platforms” by Plaster. It’s a remix EP for one of tracks from “Platforms” – Double Connection.

Here’s what Plaster say about their work:
Double Connection is based on invisible magnetic waves who are involuntarily created by Humans.
Parallelisms, crossroads and fast passages which costantly determine our creative flux and approach to the life. The words of Eckhart Tolle show how to canalize these energies in favor of your evolutionary process.

So, here are five remixes – two from our guests Frank Bretschneider and Dadub, and the rest are from our Kvitnu residents Zavoloka, Sturqen and Plaster themselves.

Original photo on cover made by Paolo Cignini.

And artwork design is by Zavoloka.

Preview all tracks on release pagehttps://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu22.html

And order your copy in our shophttps://kvitnu.com/shop/Plaster/Plaster-Double-Connection-320-kbps-mp3.html