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New release, new artist…

We have a new release! And we have a new artist! Eugene Vashchenko with his multimedia project v4w.enko has joined us with new full lenght CD which also contains flash extra data. Name of this work is “Harmonic Ratio”.

We met Eugene before second edition of Kvitnu Fest in 2008 and started from inviting him to present his art on our live event. During festival’s preparation process it became clear that v4w.enko is not just a sound-artist, but real intermedia project, where created and manipulated algorithms create not just music, but also graphical elements and live video flow, strongly interrelated with each other. We were also amazed by Vashchenko’s precisely consistent aesthetics that form his unique art-world.. 
Track selection for this album became a certain pleasure problem process, because of a quantity of highly interesting music presented to us. So, for the first release we decided to include few different approaches of Eugene Vashchenko’s works to present wide range of his output to our audience.

Release page: https://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu7.html
v4w.enko site: http://v4w.enk0.com