Plaster "Zyprex 500" (kvitnu15)

Kvitnu meets spring with a 15th release and a new artist in our family!
We are pround to have amazing duo from Italy Plaster with their first full length work on our label.
Their first work is called “Zyprex 500” and consist of 6 tracks of extremely complex, multilayered and very intelligent psychedelic music.

Plaster has begun in 2008 and it is comprising of Gianclaudio H. Moniri (Kaeba) and Giuseppe Carlini (Agan). Having the same musical passion, they came together in hopes of creating more dimensional audio experiences via experimental electronic music, able during their shows, to creating in the spectator a deep immersion in a dark space. The project has already collaborated with superb visuals artist like David Terranova, Lasal (Aristides Garcia) and Tzpx (Emanuele Foti). And now, after numerous live presentations around Europe, Plaster’s music is finally found it’s way out on Kvitnu.

You can listen to a release here:
And order it as digital download directly from us: