Were one obliged to conduct an (ultimately pointless) argument over the finest label in Eastern Europe, a prime contender would nonetheless emerge from the streets of Kiev: Kvitnu. Founded eleven years ago by Dmytro Fedorenko, Kvitnu was designed from the outset both “to amplify experimental noises emanating from Ukraine and to discover new sonic variations upon music –coming from the ‘world outside.'”

Within that initial self-statement was some quintessentially physical phrasing that has continued to define Kvitnu more than any subsequent language. The label spoke of “high blood pressure inside its sound-veins,” themselves packaged within a “cardboard” body. A great deal was held together by very little. A tiny body housed a tempestuous noise.

That same marriage of natural imagery and unnatural pressure colors a brand-new track called “Cicada” from Fedorenko, who performs on stage as “Kotra.” A swarming insect that hibernates for years and then – with much noise and speed – both reproduces and satisfies its predators’ desires (i.e., lives and dies simultaneously) symbolizes eleven years of infrequent thunder from Kvitnu. Fragile bodies are sometimes home to significant violence, be it audible or otherwise.

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