After Big Space Adventure, a double LP published in 2018 for Private Persons, the sound artist Dmitriy Avksentiev, aka Voin Oruwu, now releases ten new futuristic tracks for the label Kvitnu by Dmytro Fedorenko and Kateryna Zavoloka. Native from Kiev, the musician has also performed under the monikers of Koloah and Tropical Echobird. Here he shows some mystical and emphatic, melancholic and emotional atmospheres. As often happens in productions by Kvitnu, the border between experimentalism, dystopian imaginary worlds and trend-driven electronics with techno shades is very soft. Since the first cuts of “Titan”, the dreamy settings suggest some strain and synthetic developments, soon following with “Blur Planet”, a spacey and rarefied track, and then with “Source”, where the sequences are more complex and cinematic, disturbing and reminiscent of chamber music. We need to wait for “Decay Instability” to have some sustained and fractured rhythms, almost similar to an industrial dance floor. The following “Even Mind” begins almost silently, but then shows a spectacularly symbolic reprise, a kind of cosmic, sidereal and machinic lullaby. Between the tracks, there is almost no break. “Limulus” presents some scattered passages and adrenaline beats, playing on the contrast between quiet and chaos, a technique typical of this style. Voin Oruwu doesn’t hide his fascination with sci-fi and we are on an interstellar journey. This is particularly evident in “Escape Mission” and “Ceremony” both of which are elegiac and very musical. The ability to perform several expressions is the factor that will engage the most experienced listeners, who immediately realise what it takes to be invested by several styles. The work “Conceptual Plant” includes the most diversified influences and at the same time some experiments and melodies, ambient and tense passages. Voin Oruwu is good at setting the scene. Even in his less radical performances, he always keeps this double identity, divided between ethereal patterns and hypnotic rhythms, shaded passages and vibrating intensity. Studies From A Starship deserves to be fully enjoyed. Let yourself be completely engaged and charmed by its visionary and sinuous flux.

Voin Oruwu – Etudes From A Starship