Back on the scene is Argentinian experimenter Asolaar. Last year, he released an album on Metaphysik, but this latest work has been produced by Kvitnu, a Ukrainian label founded by Dmytro Fedorenko (Kotra), which has focussed on different branches of experimental electronic music. Interceptor comprises ten stinging, raw, dynamic tracks. The textures are very physical and emotional, full of glitchy winces and harsh, savage vibrations. The album displays a geometrical power; the loops are visceral and full of magnetic beats and super-synthetic contortions. A certain style is maintained by following some precise models and creating intricate but not exaggerated sequences. The sound is undoubtedly eclectic, at the breaking point at the intersection of a conceptual approach and digital models. It is intense and full of rhythmic stimuli, and is at the edge of what could be considered live ‘club-oriented’ music. Not casually does Asolaar play live with people like Anna Bolena in the techno scene in Berlin. He is also associated with the most radical wing of Kvitnu, with artists as Sturqen, Matter, Kotra and Pan Sonic. Interceptor will definitely be appreciated by an experimental audience familiar with techno: maybe this is a minority fringe in the audio art scenes, but in spite of this it remains both active and stimulating.