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“Is everyone really in their own personal coma?”

Mingle continues his travel through light, darkness, quiet and restless.

With Coma, we see Mingle resuming his dreamlike journey, one that started with Movements, passing through Masks (both on Tannen Records) and the two releases for Kvitnu: Static (CD, 2015) and Ephemeral (CD / LP, 2017).

It is an evocative path, rich in imaginary scenarios, in which the theme is very specific: an introspective journey, highly melancholy, that winds its way through static minimalism, aggressive landscapes, desirable harmonies and disturbed rhythms.

Recorded and mixed by Andrea Gastaldello at Tower Studio (Verona – Italy) between November 2018 and July 2019

Mastering: Eraldo Bernocchi at Transmutation Studio, London www.eraldobernocchi.com

Produced by Andrea Gastaldello and Kvitnu.

Artwork created by Zavoloka

Release page: https://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu66/
Bandcamp: https://kvitnu.bandcamp.com/album/coma