With a new melting July morning we are happy to bring you our newest release and new artist in our family!

It’s “Solid State” by MATTER from Italy.

Matter "Solid State" (kvitnu 24)

Cover made by Lia Zavoloka – http://liazavoloka.tumblr.com

And here’s what Matter says about his work:
“Solid State is a daily alienation experienced as an escape in search of identity. Constant urban noise makes a bits’ cacophony of the metropolis, that intersects the electricity of sound. Cement and steel buildings in right corners are deep down the underground in an asynchronous alternating geometry and they penetrate mind’s distortions that are inevitably directed towards the point of no return.”


Matter is Fabrizio Matrone. In the nineties, he played guitar in several bands and after the stealing of his instruments, taking place in a rehearsal garage, he started his first testing sounds independently, using the little means remained. In the mean- time he started to visit his friends Retina.it at their studio, a paradise of synthes- izers, multi-effects and DIY instruments. At the end of the nineties the first record- ings took place. It was about instrumental improvisations composed of long drones, guitar and bass feedback recorded on a 4 tracks borrowed from a friend of his. At this time, recordings were characterized by fusion of field recording and isolationist ambient style. At the end of ’90 a lot of productions came out. “Alphaville” produced by self-managed label Nectanebo as a Jean Luc Godard’s film tribute. “Last land Sonology” with FKdrone and Fmchloroform’s moniker produced by net label Sine- waves. “Decrease of contamination” was the first issue for moniker Matter. Its atmo- spheres didn’t stray from isolationist ambient style. “Sunset ep” was produced by net label Modr. Its sound was close to idm. These productions didn’t go unnoticed. Marcel Nickels aka “100Blumen”, who is label manager for “Le Petit Machiniste”, appreciated a Matter’s musical choices, so “Technology and Planetary Power” came out, produced by “Le Petit Machiniste”. “Land of Discordia” produced by SMK and after “Scanning Memory” by Le Petit Machiniste. And “Solid State” the Matter’s brand new work comes out on Kvitnu.

Matter’s web site: http://www.matters.it

Release page with track’s previews: https://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu24.html

Order your download here: https://kvitnu.com/shop/Matter/Matter-Solid-State-mp3-320-kbps.html