Matter “Paroxysmal” reviewed by Chain D.L.K.

“A paroxysm got defined as an uncontrollable outburst, but also as the acme of a pathological process. In the (dim) light of such a definition, the twelve tracks of the third album by Italian producer Fabrizio Matrone aka Matter for the Ukranian imprint Kvitnu, which keeps on moving towards more and more interesting sonic directions under the baton of Kotra and Zavoloka, sounds paroxysmal. Whether a track focuses on viscerally industrial-driven mechanical pulsations (“Depth”, “Pressure”, “Column”, “Surge”) or gets wisely channeled towards more abstract territories and beatless movements (“Exsolution”, “Stone” or the final “Ash”, which sounds like the logical end of a series of repeated combustions), each moment of “Paroxysmal” enucleates a moment or a sound which seems to exacerbate both the electric dispersion of rhythmical patterns and the gradual annihilation of the collapsing buildings, laying on smashed frequencies and deranged tones. Even though it could be considered logically related to his previous act “Biorhexistasy”, “Paroxysmal” could reasonably be considered a further step in the explorations of harsh atonal territories by Matter, who wisely digs them by shattered swarms, noisy resonances, piercing beats and other sonic strategies. Some of them could vaguely resemble stuff like Celluloid Mata, Synapscape or Klangstabil, but speaking, in general, they manage to amplify the bipolarity between a constant aural tension and an astounding attention to detail, which makes it sound less rough than you could expect.”