Matter "Paroxysmal" (Kvitnu 42)

Matter is one of the most accurate and advanced distortion manipulators in experimental music today. Like a real acoustic surgeon, he perfectly knows how much wrecking and sonic destruction he can slice into a track to bring it to the perfect form and the most acute shape. Matter delivers extreme but grown up sound for those of us who are not afraid of difcult listening and enjoys all beauty of smashed frequencies and tones.

Paroxysmal is Matter’s third album on Kvitnu. Paroxysmal’s twelve tracks can be considered as continuation of Matter’s Biorhexistasy LP, or also a big step forward in his harsh atonal grinding sonority explorations. Album is flled with multi shape resonances, murmurous thick heavy beats, crushed acute shattered scapes. Whole work holds very intense and rough tonal pressure full of sharp details and aural tension.

Paroxysmal presents a very twitchy and immersive tour for every mature, refined and sophisticated extreme music listener.

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