Luna Kafé about “Praga”

It’s always exciting to check out new releases from the Kvitnu label. Sturqen’s Praga is yet another kool and quite different (from most records) to put on. The only information from Kvitnu is: ‘Pure abstract vibes with no specific context, frozen explosion, ignition, crushed particles and relief.’

Sturqen are César Rodrigues and David Arantes, a twosome from Portugal, exploring (according to Kvitnu): ‘a vast amount of sonic rhythmics where a techno-trance universe is combined with a constant noise attitude.. A continuous search for raw and energetic sounds gives the muscle and anarchy to Sturqen’s music.’ Quite accurate words, I must say. Praga’s 15 tracks sucks you in from track one and they keep you alert and focused, eager to follow the next step. The duos short statement/description on their home site goes: ‘We make music.’

This is about pulsating rhythms and minimalist melodies punching your face and chest, created by two guys turning digital shift knobs on each their sampler. And the result is quite mystifying (yet crystal clear and focused) and glorious, if I must say so. Of course, an albums’ length is quite a mouthful (or earful), but I still feel quite comfortable in their digital company. Which is quite a confession from an analogue, conform sucker like me.

Kool stuff. This is almost like digital post rock.