Today we present you our very last and final release.

Yes, Kvitnu is being closed.

Our amazing World is developing and changing extremely fast and intensively. And so are we, as an organic and integral part of it. 

What time is better for a radical change than during such a great turmoil we all are living through right now?

We feel that together with many other great changes, some completely new relations between an artist and a listener are being formed right now. Relations and communication streams which are much more direct and personal than ever before. And the role of a label as a mediator between listener and producer is changing drastically, giving life to something new.

After almost 14 years of our development and more than 70 releases in our catalogue, we believe  that Kvitnu has written its own and very special page in a history of experimental music. We have grown together with our artists, with whom we have created and shaped Kvitnu’s unique sound. Our great and loyal International audience who supported us over the years is the best proof that we did something really good and honest from the heart.

But everything comes to an end one day. Good projects too.

Our future is greatly unpredictable and we are jumping into this new wave with a lot of new hopes, plans and ideas!


And now, as a final pitch – the very last Kvitnu release


The beginning of any process is as important as the end, and as our final word on Kvitnu we would like to present you our very personal and special release, which was inspired by and created specially for this day and occasion.

We would like to celebrate the end of Kvitnu by releasing Silence.

Our Silence comes out on a beautiful one sided white 7″ record, which contains nothing but one infinite silent locked groove loop in the centre of the side A. 

Silent record is inlayed into an elegant white gatefold sleeve with a concept printed with silver.

The edition is limited to 100 copies.

Catalogue number is KVITNU 0

Order our Silence here:


Be strong and see you on the other side!