Kvitnu on Qwartz Forum in Paris!

We are invited to participate in 4th edition of International Qwartz Forum in Paris, France.
From Kvitnu there will be two artists Kotra and Zavoloka.

Other participants of Qwartz Forum and laureats of the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards are such labels:
Ant-Zen, Touch, Karaoke Kalk, Morr Music, Staubgold, Sinergy-Networks, Bip-HOp, Citadel Records, Mille Plateaux, Spekk, Plop, Pueblo Nuevo

And such artists as:
Blixa Bargeld, Scanner, Max Mathews, Jean-Claude Risset, Beatriz Ferreyra, Ran Slavin, FM3, Philip Jeck
and many more artists and organizations who’s live sets and presentations you will be able to see on this forum.

To get the full list of participants and other additional information about the forum you should download a pdf which is here: http://www.qwartz.org/images/stories/users/Qwartz4.pdf
We will be glad to see you on our stand!