Dunaewsky69 "Termination Voice" (kvitnu23)

At the end of March, and right before our third presentation on Qwartz we are excited to give you our 23rd release!

It’s been two years since “Endless” by Dunaewsky69 was presented on Kvitnu, and now we have a complete new collection of tracks.
A true new abstract story of unstable beats, heavy broken melodies with overloaded and distorted romantizm.
If you follow Dunaewsky69, you will definitely see the difference and some strange change in his music on Termination Voice.

Released as digital download EP.

Listen to all tracks on a release page: https://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu23.html

Order your download in our shop: https://kvitnu.com/shop/Dunaewsky69/Dunaewsky69-Termination-Voice-320-kbps-mp3.html