Ok, for August we prepared something new again – new artist name on Kvitnu, but an old friend and a part of our family who’s music you know already by fantastic duo Plaster.

Today we bring you three track EP called “Synthetic Ice Cream [For Droids]” from Kaeba.

Kaeba ‎"Synthetic Ice Cream [For Droids]" (kvitnu 25)

Minimalistic and psychedelic work with a touch of a sharp tech irony. Balanced and explosive at the same time. Gentle and heavy, will go perfect on a dance floor as well as for your headphone experience. Go and explore!

Here’s what Kaeba says about his work:
“Synthetic Ice Cream is a natural process after three years of intense work with Plaster. Here are the tracks which are less architectural and, in a certain way, more spontaneous. I tried to follow the flow of the sounds, finding the right balance between them.
Compared to  my previous work as Kaeba with Farmacia 901, Ianurek 5.0×100, this Ep is completely different and I believe that is the key point for my music in the future.”


Kaeba is solo project of Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri from Rome, Italy.
The moniker comes from the Egyptian “ka” and “ba” which represents the union point between life and death, where we are all and nothing.
His music comes from this total relativism, creating abstract visions without a conventional structure but with a precise shape that is outlined by sounds etched in the mind.
In 2008 he gave life to the duo “Plaster” with his friend Giuseppe Carlini (also known as Agan), mostly focusing on dark ambient and minimals beats.

Release page with tracks previews – https://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu25.html

Order your download here – https://kvitnu.com/shop/Kaeba/Kaeba-Synthetic-Ice-Cream-For-Droids-mp3-320-kbps.html

Music by Gianclaudio Hashem Monirihttp://www.gianclaudiomoniri.com/
Artwork design by Lia Zavolokahttp://liazavoloka.tumblr.com/