Igloo mag reviewed Stray Dogs

Stray Dogs‘ third full length, And The Days Began To Walk, is a 6-piece orchestration that bends and twists elongated tribal distortions with electronic music. Here, the album is released on Vienna Austria’s Kvitnu imprint

“Lethe,” for example, trudges along Einoma pathways, broken beats, clangs, and manipulated horns drench the charcoal landscape. “Phaeton” is a go-to track; piercing industrial low-end wobble against slithering bells, whistles and punching beats mark this album as a triumph in apocalyptic world sounds that fans of Scorn would relish in. The viscosity revealed throughout is languid, turbulent and utterly propelling. Such is the case with the dark-ambient tones on “Beacons” where washed-out instruments are stretched to no-end, and thin metallic strands are pulled around Dystopian landscapes—the tribal theme consistently penetrates the consciousness. “Tokoroa” maneuvers its percussive march along echoed blips and dub infestation.

And The Days Began To Walk is a brooding manifest that digs deep into the soil and excavates a propulsive, darkened soundtrack trove.

Stray Dogs :: And The Days Began To Walk (Kvitnu)