Ukrainian label Kvitnu proves to be one of the best operator nearby the stylistical fizzled and foggy frontlines where flooding techno cracks, rythmic noise and breakcore splinters burst industrial’s banks by means of another excellent release which comes from the drilling sonic machines of Italian producer Fabrizio Matrone aka Heidseck, who leaves his second sediment in the guise of Matter on Kvitnu’s intriguing catalogue. Matter’s wide weaponry of crumbled low frequencies, scraped metallic samples, convulsive knitting, acid hot springs, creaking noises and sequences of compressions and tractions which often mirrors batch processing and give rise to amazingly obscure technoid – or I’d rather say rhexistatic – movements (“Phases”, “Biostasy”, “Exposure”, “Attrition”), which could vaguely resemble industrial-techno corrosive anthmes by sound artists like Riou Tomita, or menacing industrial mechanics (“Sub Soil”, “Dominance”), lies on a guessed source of inspiration, the so-called Biorhexistasy theory by pedologist Henri Erhart, who tried to describe the climatic conditions necessary for pedogenesis divided by different periods of soil erosion. Such a geological conceptual framework has been superbly translated into sound by Fabrizio while underlying a semantic transposition of this slow and perpetual mutation into social, psychological or physical terms, so that have this theory in your mind in order to better appreciate the listening experience this Bologna-based sound artist gathered while digging grooves.

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