Kotra vs Edward Sol find rhythms with harsh walls of noise on the raw machine grit of “Sokyra”. Representing an interesting mixture of power electronics, industrial funk, and dance, the songs unfold with jagged distorted grooves. By far the most compelling thing about the entire collection is the adherence to unusual textures, ones that feel so simple yet so effective. It is this extreme intimacy that at times gives the tracks a timeless sort of quality, while they chug along with a wide-eyed intensity. For these pieces build off each other, resulting in a surprisingly unified whole.

Absolutely chaotic with its insane vision is the opener “First Axe”. Over the course of “First Axe” the piece starts out with a nearly explosive groove, one that feels nearly accidental, the result of too many blown out speakers. For the latter half of the piece the duo explores that blown-out quality while the piece is gradually torn to shreds. Hyperactivity reigns supreme on the crushing vibes of “Second Axe” where all feels completely lost. Throughout the piece the many layers of sound interact as they decay into the abyss. Easily the highlight of the collection is the heavy-set groove of “Third Axe” where elements have almost an infectious quality to them as the duo flirts with more conventional formats, at times referencing a nearly dance-like quality. On “Fourth Axe” everything comes to a literal head as the song builds itself into a state of absolute panic.

Sokyra shows off Kotra vs Edward Sol’s adherence to extremity, finding beauty in the most surprisingly brutal of realms.”