Mauri’s “Sweep Generators” is a terrifying vision of the future. Distortion rules supreme over these compositions. Nothing stands still. Constantly in a state of flux the sounds scurry across the aural landscapes leaving barely a trace behind. Propelled by a greater sense of urgency these are hysterical pieces. Lots and lots of texture color the pieces in as they range from Alva Noto’s muscular work to Pan Sonic punk-infused noise.

Angular metallic sounds introduce “Datkon”. Sounds zip by at impossible speeds. Everything feels surreal about the song. On “Bioca” Mauri explores this lack of reality further as the song appears to emanate from far below the surface. Through the murk comes a pulsar rhythm which helps to give the sounds some defined shape. When the pulsar rhythm is stripped away what remains is the tense atmospherics. Noise-infused “Okpho” requires loud volume to be properly appreciated. Static and hiss are sculpted to form the fine delicate lines. By far the highlight of the album is “Freser”. From the brittle rhythm comes a tortured rock sample. This rock sample is manipulated almost beyond belief. Letting it get teased out gives the song a sense of wild abandon. Ending the album off on a harsh abrasive note is the delicate pitch and oddly catchy work of “Monyo”.

“Sweep Generators” takes the digital and makes it visceral. This is music that demands to be played as loud as possible. Physical yet thoughtful this is an engaging album.