First review for “Harmonic Ratio”

Does not it seem to you that this album has a rather paradoxical name? Paradoxical not to that extent that it became senseless – however, to the degree sufficient to induce that ratio (meaning “reason”) to bite its own tail. I mean here that our reason seems to aspire to harmony, but for some reason interprets it as rest – in which it is no longer able to identify itself, and that is why it avoids this state. Therefore, each time, having attained certain rest, some next step is undertaken – to break the equilibrium, provoke motion, in order to discover, to come to know oneself in this motion. In other words, searching for harmony – it constantly escapes it, as it is afraid to get lost, to dissolve. Well, and fear as such is a bad assistant in any business, from a choice of an umbrella to self-discovery. But from time to time the understanding arises from somewhere of that there was nothing to be afraid of, because is fact the issue is not a static state but motion – that is, the constant must be exactly the dynamics or balancing between the intuitional and rational. But dynamics in rest: when the main motion takes place inside, and no superfluous bustle arises outside. This is the approximate map that this album draws for me… However, if one listens to it on another day or if one just interprets the name as “harmonious correlation” – the picture, presumably, will be somewhat different. Though, for the disc it is only a merit – as it proves that it leaves free space for perception. And that this space is not empty – you should not doubt.

Anton Lejba