EXO_C’s “Laboyatta” is minimalism with menace. By stripping things down to the absolute essentials every sound serves as another threat. Attention to detail means these few powerful elements gains the greatest of impact. Rhythm rests at the heart of it all, a pulsating beat that drives the entire album forward. Melody does not exist in a traditional sense rather through the constant mechanizations layers emerge that hint at such a thing. Texture elements garner the greatest impact for EXO_C delves into the harshest of terrain, flirting with noise and at times outright surrendering to it.
Spacious and eerie “Intro” introduces the album. Little moments of feedback help to color the track as it grows in strength. Reiterations, cycles, allow for the song to become ever more unstable. Outright chaos reign supreme on the woozy disorienting trip of “Up” where the overall temperament barely keeps it together while EXO_C tries to tear it apart. Bass overwhelms on the colossal “Dub1” where a traditional rhythm cannot take hold, rather the song feels torn apart. Emphasis on bass continues with the driving “Song1” where at least a fragment of near-melody emerges out of the fractured groove. Atmospheric in tone “Up2” gives the textures room to roam. Hard to pin down “Dub2” moves quickly and stealthy. Easily the highlight of the entire album “Song2” serves as the closest thing to an outright traditional song, of the Pan Sonic variety. Like a sonic exorcist “Outro” closes out the album.
Downright brutal in tone, EXO_C’s “Laboyatta” consumes everything in its path.