Dunaewsky69 "Endless" (kvitnu 11)

In continuation of our digital EP series, we present you a totally new work of Dunaewsky69 – Endless.

Six months ago Dunaewsky69 went to Krakow to work in a Studio for Electroacoustic music. Among many other things which help to transform musician’s mind, Dunaewsky69 had access to extremely old analogue equipment stored on dusty shelves under glass, and special software developed in this studio. In addition to Dunaewsky69’s love to the sound of analogue synthesizers and recording voices in the most unexpected ways and places, it all created a very special psychedelic mixture which we received with a name Endless.

And for cover we used work from Kyiv based video artist Lunargrape, who’s works may appear in Kvitnu’s future presentations.

Release page with track previews: https://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu11.html