Ukrainian glitch experimentalists Kvitnu have within their catalogue some 40 releases, the latest of which comes from Italy and Andrea Gastaldello‘s project Mingle. Whilst Kvitnu might boast some serious electronic totems from the likes of Sturqen, Matter and that live Pan Sonic album Oksastus, Mingle’s label début is one of their gentlest and most approachable.

Static is a deep, minimal, ambient and quite downbeat work. The album’s drones, pianos and hiss show an experimental musician in Gastaldello who has honed his approach to composition, the results of which are a very confident, listenable, and ultimately enjoyable piece of work. His beats are twisted, narled even, but still add the flow, even at their most tweaked. Whilst I could write more descriptors for the music, thumbing through a thesaurus, I won’t. Listen to the preview and grab the CD (it’s also available digitally).