Few weeks ago we presented to you digital pre-release of upcoming audio-visual multi-format DVD by new Kvitnu artist Binmatu. Extremely abstract psycho acoustic work received a lot of attention already on it’s preview stage. Later we teased you with short preview video from this DVD.

And today we can proudly announce that “Crystylys” is finally out!

Binmatu "Crystylys" (kvitnu 28)

DVD contains:
– 4 HD-video files: Crystylys I – Crystylys IV
– 8 High quality WAV files (32-bit, 88.200 kHz): Crystylys I – Crystylys VIII
– 8 RAW files: Crystylys I – Crystylys VIII
– 7 MP3 files (320 kbps): Crystylys I – Crystylys VII

What Binmatu says about his work:
Crystylys has to be experienced for a long time. When you open your ears and eyes and perceive carefully, it reaches in the deepest corners of mind, through brain-twisting modulations of oscillators and hypnotizing visuals. Sound is an intimate power, happening on our eardrums… few millimeters from our brain, dwelling of the soul. Eardrums and eyes are gates, BINMATU passes through without asking and performs its holy purpose. Crystylys is about purpose of sound and about its mediation powers of connecting etheric and physical. Sound sounds, it isn’t.

Binmatu is a project of Slovak artist Jonas Gruska, recently studying composition in Krakow (PL) and Institute of Sonology in The Hague (NL). He has authored interactive poems and visual performances, and is also a developer of open source computer instruments and artistic software. Gave workshops on city sonification and programming for artists. Performed and exhibited his work in Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia.


Release page with previews: https://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu28/
Order your copy in our shop: http://shop.kvitnu.com/binmatu/93-binmatu-crystylys-dvd.html