Exo_C is the bicephalous entity by two young noise-shapers, exoterrorism (Belgium/HK, having some tapes on tape-label ThirdTypeTapes in his short discography) and French performer Eduardo Ribuyo aka C_C, born (and already gone?) on the live stage of “On fait du l’art!”, a performative space/lab led by the same-maned artistic community in Lausanne (Switzerland) on 22nd October 2015. The brutal mating ritual of these two entities gave birth to an amazing performance, that Kvitnu described as “a noise poetry of distorted sonic perfection” and I could describe as something in between techno – but not so danceable to be proper techno – and industrial – but too well organized to be exclusively labelled as industrial -. I could say Exo_C’s sound is extreme, as the regions of the sonic spectrum they like to manipulate are the extremities (stomach-hitting very low frequencies and hyper-piercing high frequencies), while everything that lies in the middle gets wisely sliced, shredded and annihilated. The performance (available on CDr or digital release) consists of 9 parts: a relatively long “Intro” (a sort of warm-up of their resounding machines), an “Outro” (you can’t turn hard-boiling machines off too abruptly!) and some numbered Up, Dub and Song, whose succession feature its own logics. All Ups sound like a rudimentary preparation, all Dubs a set of slowly intrusive organizations of the electromechanical hits they forged and all Songs (my favorite moments of the Exo_C industrial process) the stages where the cycles of their forging become more fluid. Head-nodding stuff!