“Clinical Ambience” sounds like a guessed title for this output by one of the recent discoveries of Kotra’s imprint Kvitnu, which came from the sonic wit of Berlin-based sound artist Benjamin Harris, which didn’t received so many feedback despite the considerable quality of sounds and their layering. The wisely forged noises that Isolat Pattern pull out of his machines got inoculated in both spacey and claustrophobic pad-synth-rendered empty spaces: nervously whirling electronic trimming beats, artificial lacerations, piercing low frequencies or digital puffs come to life inside the narrow electric tunnels of “BLK.HSE”, the cryptic whispers and the widely reverbered clashes of “Darkness Curves”, the fascinating void of “Die Charmante Verlockung”, the intermittent patterns of “Glitterer” , the abyssal recesses of “Purestate” and the industrial sikholes of “Twinning”. It comes on a carefully designed artwork by Zavaloka, who wrapped this awesome release by means of exclusive glittered black cardboard and two inner prints made on metallic translucent and marbled papers.