Even if the excellent Ukrainian label Kvitnu situates Asolaar, the brainchild by Argentinean producer Dario Pinto Calvis, in between the artists which fly on the “heavy wing” of its oustanding sonic squadron, it seems that he has slightly softened his sound and such a mitigation is clear since the opening electric peristalsis. His sonorities on “Interceptor” keeps on propagating vitriolic frequencies and abrasive distorsions, but Asolaar shows much more familiarity with his dangerous electric devices than other previous more abstractly chaotic stuff: he rarely move away from circuit-driven rhythmical loops, which soak tracks like “Gravastar”, but he frequently deviates from excessive repetitiveness by means of amazing electromechanical saturations such as on “Cruce Magnetico II”, “Cruce Magnetico II”, “Emptiness Dealers”, whose combactive stepping could let you think about the possible death rattle of a stricken drone, or the fragmented high-voltage break of “Random Violence”, where his style get closer to old stuff from Celluloid Mata, P.A.L. or Synapscape, or by clipped chemical burns (“0028-13”, “Lord H.Mohawk” or the nice “Lu In Dimension”). It’s really remarkable the ability to draw so many noisy tidbits together in just 24 minutes, which could be sometimes much more lieable than excessive prolongation of less surprising brainwaves.