Dmytro Fedorenko aka Kotra is the founder and the main mastermind behind the excellent Ukrainian label Kvitnu, which is keeping on spreading interesting specimen of experimental electronics by meansof a selection of stuff and superbly crafted pieces of music, which, according to label’s own description, “concetrates on sound and ideas with a high blood pressure in it” and could withstand selection of more consolidated labels. The interesting sonic discoveries they manage to find inside and outside Ukraine benefits listeners, but I guess they benefit the creative vein of Dmytro and Kateryna Zavoloka, the other artistic column of the label, as we can testify by this tidbit that got recently released by Kvitnu. The elegant artwork by Zavoloka, who wrapped the package by means of those bright white/silver silk wallpaper, that I remember I saw on many walls in the 90ies, enclose a CD-r where Kotra put three abrasive tracks, which could be described as the rawest side of some outputs of artists like Kangding Ray or Senking, that I wouldn’t really match to the soso-called rhythmik noise. in spite of a certain syncopated step by which Dmytro organized – so to say – a bunch of hisses, interferences and concrete noises on the opening “Spiv Zolota” and the closing title track “Freyr Hologram” – my fav -. A good appetizer for the other recent outputs from Kvitnu that I’ll introduce in the days to come.