Zavoloka on DVD of Italian magazine BlowUp

A new track from Zavoloka is out now in MEDIATERRAE vol.1 – IRPINIA | ELECTRONIC | LANDSCAPE DVD as free addition to Italian BLOWUP magazine. 7 audio/video tracks inspired by landscapes, rural traditions, and popular “tarantella” music of Irpinia – south Italy. Other artists: ZAVOLOKA, BURNT FRIEDMAN, RECHENZENTRUM, RETINA.IT, DEADBEAT, POPULOUS, MARCO MESSINA, ANDERS WEBERG […]

De:Bug about our first release

Ich freu mich schon eine Weile drauf, diese CD zu hören, weil sie einfach so sagenhaft gut aussieht in ihrer Obergröße und mit dem feinen urainischen Golddruck. Und die Musik ist – jedenfalls für das, was ich als Vergleich heranziehen kann – auch sehr goldig. Plinkernd leicht fast, Digitales wirkt hier eher am Rande, das […]

Finally we have a new release!

DUNAEWSKY69 “XQUISITE. XCERPT.” CD, cardboard eco-pack, 500 copies edition Young Ukrainian imprint KVITNU presents it’s new release by multi-talented and extra-productive artist from Kyiv DUNAEWSKY69. With this CD Dunaewsky69 represents a certain extract from his three-years of extremely massive music production since his latest release. Gentle, minimalistic and pure soundscapes, straight and lacerated beats with […]