Today is a punk day on Kvitnu!

And we bring you our 69th release! KOTRA “LEMENT” This is a reissue of a very first album of Kotra, which was created back in 1998 and was originally released in 1999 on a cassette by notorious Kyiv’s label Moon Records. It was one of the first releases of experimental noise electronic music in Ukraine. […]

Today Kvitnu turns 13 years!

And this time we decided to make a quite unusual release for our birthday. In September 2019 Ukrainian singer and veteran of Russian-Ukrainian war Анастасія Шевченко (Anastasiia Shevchenko) (Стасік / Stasik) released her song “Lullaby for the enemy”. The frankness and true radicality of this song amazed us, and immediately after the video for this […]