The Kvitnu label always presents: The brightest side of the darkest sound – high blood pressure music label. And, they’re always presenting excellent packaging, with high class cover art, of which most are designed by Kateryna Zavoloka (an recording artist herself). According to Kvitnu Binmatu is a ‘priest of sound’. Sound and vision as minimalism. Binmatu is the project of musician and sound artist Jonas Gruska, who’s born in Czechoslovakia, and has been studying composition in Krakow (PL) and at the Institute of Sonology in Den Haag (NL). Gruska works with computers and electronics, and he is also a developer of open source computer instruments and artistic software. Crystylys holds 7 tracks, “Crystylys I” to “Crystylys VII”, and they all clock in at 4 minutes. As the label explains this isn’t ‘regular music’. It has to “…be experienced for longer time. When you open your ears and eyes and perceive carefully, it reaches in the deepest corners of mind, through brain-twisting modulations of oscillators and hypnotizing visuals…”. Nothing less. Like having a musical EEG. Binmatu creates electronic noise that twists and twirls. Crystylys is tickling eardrums, and works as musical strobe lights. At times it’s not very pleasant, especially for an epileptic like me, with sounds and Sonics triggering petit mals. Yet, it’s quite fascinating stuff as well. To quote Kvitnu again: “Sound sounds, it isn’t.”

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