The only veritable thing we could say about Ukrainian situation is the fact there is a cruel war where many economical interests are merging into a gory mixture which worms into people’s life in order to exacerbate contrasts, as what is happening in Ukraine has become the testbed of mass-media manipulation by both struggling parties in defiance of people’s wealth, but this is not the right place to discuss about such an awkward situation and I could guess it’s not the aim by Kiev-based brilliant sound-artist, electronic performer and graphic designer Zavoloka, who manages to trascend the limit of political analysts by intercepting some sonic details of Euromaidan and putting them in the guise of field recordings which evoke the ferocious struggling of those days: the three tracks of this inspired release could be considered as one of the most original translation of the sounds and presumably the mood from Ukrainian streets during the most turbulent moments for Ukrainian’s people, which reaches its acme on the longest final track “Slavlennya”, whose final quieter moments following the clashing sonorities and the scary martial echoes sound like resounding the dream of freedom (“Volya” is the Ukrainian word for “freedom”) that fluttered over the most quixotic believers.