Chain D.L.K. about our release of Voin Oruwu

Most followers and fans of the releases by Kvitnu, the label masterfully managed by Dmytro Fedorenko and featuring Zavoloka handling on graphics and mastering, matches them to more techno-driven and electromechanical rhythms and a certain martial attitude, in spite of some of the latest releases moved towards more experimental and ambient stylistic zones, but most […]

Mingle “Coma” – new release is out!

We have a new release! MINGLE “COMA” “Is everyone really in their own personal coma?” Mingle continues his travel through light, darkness, quiet and restless. With Coma, we see Mingle resuming his dreamlike journey, one that started with Movements, passing through Masks (both on Tannen Records) and the two releases for Kvitnu: Static (CD, 2015) […]