Voin Oruwu reviewed by Beach Sloth

Sci-Fi elements play a critical role in Vion Oruwu’s shadowy “Tales From A Starship”. Done with the utmost of care the whole of the album glimmers with a glorious sheen. Atmospheric to its very core Voin Oruwu proves to have a great ear for melody allowing the drones to unfurl in majestic, awe-inspiring ways. The […]

Toneshift review for Voin Oruwu “Etudes From A Starship”

As Titan opens there’s a spacey shimmer in the sweet theme emerging. A clear, bright journey has been launched by Kiev-based Voin Oruwu (Dmitriy Avksentiev). Between the tones and the gorgeous Mars-like surface textures of the brick-colored coverart (paintings courtesy Dmytro Fedorenko) this is a melodic leap into the space race. The lead track moves fluidly into Rising and then Blur Planet which […]

Chain D.L.K. review for Sturqen “Survivalismo”

Under the genuinely sonic aspect, this new album by Portuguese duo Sturqen (real names David Arantes and Cesar Rodrigues, from Oporto) for the knowingly excellent label Kvitnu, which cab be reasonably considered a milestone for lovers of power electronics, industrial techno, rhythmic noise and acid sonorities, maybe cannot be considered a fully fledged turning point, […]