Muslimgauze on Kvitnu as our 61st release!

Today we have a very special release on Kvitnu. Ideas to add this artist to our catalogue were in our heads since the beginning. And we’ve been preparing it for quite a long time. Now it’s here, the one and only Muslimgauze with his brilliant work Eleven Minarets. Release is available in two versions: 2xLP and […]

Toneshift indepth review for Freigeist

The record opens with the writhing waves of The Capital Of Death – Contorted City on Kotra‘s new album Freigeist. Dmytro Fedorenko, the Vienna-based Ukranian artist/producer who co-runs the fantastic Kvitnu label has been bending sounds like these since the early 90’s – but here he’s on to something more subtly cerebral than ever. The […]

Toneshift reviewed Ilpo Vaisanen’s “Syntetisaattori Musiikkia Kuopiosta”

There is often only the faintest line between simplicity and complexity, between sparsity and richness, and it is upon this interval that Ilpo Väisänen’s Syntetisaattori Musiikkia Kuopiosta rests. It is not so much that Väisänen’s work is fragile – he has built his career upon both Pan Sonic’s industrial-tinged techno, and the abrasive ambience of […]

Superb review from Toneshift on Promeni

In Ukranian Promeni translates to ‘rays’ and that is what beams from the first chords of the title track of the latest recording from sound artist Zavoloka (Kateryna Zavoloka). From Kyiv but based in Vienna her wavy rhythm here takes an expansive shape that is formatted fully forward. It’s a sound that blooms like the […]

Neural review Plaster “Transition”

Released by Kvitnu, Transition is the new studio album by Plaster, a moniker hiding the real name of Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri (earlier in a duo with Giuseppe Carlini). Transition shows a different approach from the past: more minimal and concrete, thanks to the use in the compositions of analogue and hardware sets, on the edge with inspired […]

Sturqen “Survivalismo” is out!

It’s our 60th release! In a strengthened and familiar sound approach, Sturqen’s new album “Survivalismo” regenerates their core essence: broken rhythms with heavy distortions without the fear of being unpleasant, ruthless acid jams and pulsating dark lights that provide little help to get out of a cold and long tunnel. The thought of any dystopia […]