Structures, Systems and Spheres

Kotra is Dmytro Fedorenko, Ukranian hero and prolific producer of own brand of minimisto-agresso electronica. Continues to operate the Kvitnu label, only now doing it from Austria instead of home country I believe. We’ve been digging these Kvitnu steel-belted thumpers for many years now, and even if not every one is a gem, there is a […]

Freigeist: a throbbing, pulsing power electronics album demanding (and taking over) all your attention

Kotra is the main art / music project of Ukrainian musician / producer / promoter Dmytro Fedorenko whose career in music stretches back to the early 1990s. Fedorenko started Kotra in 1998 and since then has built up a sizable discography. “Freigeist” is Kotra’s most recent release, having come out in January this year – […]

New album from Zavoloka is here!

This is the last, fourth volume of the series of albums dedicated to the purification by four Universe Elements. First three were Viter (for Wind), Vedana (for Water) and Syngonia (for Earth Element). And now Promeni, work dedicated to the Fire Element. Fire not only as a classical element of the Universe from the ancient philosophy […]

Earshot review for Plaster

Plaster is the alter-ego of Italian experimental electronic musician Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri. Formerly a duo, this is the second album Plaster has released as a solo artist. The music here is underscored by a constant, throbbing electronic drone. It pulses up from silence, dominates the musical landscape, then leaves several frightening minutes later for each track. The music is […]