Our 58th release is out today!

Amantra vs Submerged “Lost Direction” Lethargic novel taken from a blackened dream.  Noir mosaic moves of ancient thunder.  Free tremor dance, delirious and euphoric meditation.  Inhaling shiver wails, exhaling placid grieve.  A voice in time of everywhere and never. Amantra has worked with Synths & FX Submerged was managing Sheng, Dombra and Virus KC synth […]

Another review for Plaster’s “Transition”

“I’ve been a longtime fan of Plaster’s work: it’s usually dark and brooding with a harsh industrial edge that I really like. The occasional times when light breaks into the gloom benefit from still having an edge to their treatment. Here are some examples that show what I mean: Component and Intersection from Platforms (2011). […]

Neural review for EX0_C

Kvitnu can be proud of their entry into the catalogue of Exo_C, for an untypical collaboration between Fan Yau – aka Exoterrism – and Carl Cock, this last artistically known as c_c, with a very refined and this time also tactile work. The two electronic manipulators are both active on the Belgian techno-experimental scene and […]

The Arts Desk review for Transition

Plaster‘s “Transition” is one original, noisy bastard that deals out head-nodding rising’n’falling patterns of electronic squall which bubble up from its depths like rumbling ill-defined threat. It’s cataclysmic music, dark, but within its buzzing tones and clattering, there’s much going on, some of it even melodic. Plaster was once a duo but, since 2015, has […]

Suffisso Core review for Transition

Come suggerito dal titolo il nuovo lavoro di Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri (Agan, Kaeba), ormai rimasto da solo a preservare la natura sperimentale del progetto che si è immesso sul mercato con ‘Platforms’, desidera rappresentare un’affermazione di stile in un processo di transizione che non sappiamo ancora a cosa potrà portare. Le otto tracce sono state […]

5 Magazine review for Transition

Plaster’s Transition represents the distillation of some 50 years of European electronic music history. http://5chicago.com/tracks/new-releases/plaster-transition/ To call this “Techno” is a grave disservice to the scope, intellect and knowledge that Plaster has poured into Transition, the project’s newest release on Kvitnu. It’s the distillation of some 50 years of European electronic music history, from musique […]