Vital Weekly reviewed Freigeist:

“It seems as if Dmytro Fedorenko is more active as Kotra than before. Following his solo release ‘Cicada’, reviewed in Vital Weekly 1104 and his collaboration with Edward Sol (Vital Weekly 1111) there is yet another new solo release called ‘Freigeist’. Quite a short release, lasting just under thirty minutes, but maybe that is because […]

Amazing response for Freigeist from ATTN:Magazine

It’s the electronic equivalent of a clenched fist. A bundle of low drones pressing inward, squeezing into other another, spluttering as the tension becomes too much, buzzing like a pitched-down tesla coil. And like a clenched fist, this knot of drones is a point of unstable energy consolidation. It cannot hold. This isn’t a viable […]

A review for Mingle “Ephemeral”

Available from Kvitnu, it’s an interesting blend of “gentle” and “edgy”. I don’t use the word “edgy” lightly, as it has been overused in recent years. Just follow the link and give the first track, “Drop Yourself”, a listen and you’ll see what I mean. It’s rather quiet, and nothing abrupt or jarring happens in […]