A review for Redukt “Otho”

“Each track of this EP – the catchy debut release of Redukt, the project by Moscow-based electronic noise craftsmen Alexander Vasiliev and Nikolai Turchinski – got titled as a permutation of the main title and such a choice could make sense, as some aural elements are like constants that get thatched in different set-ups to […]

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Chain DLK reviewed Exo_C

Exo_C is the bicephalous entity by two young noise-shapers, exoterrorism (Belgium/HK, having some tapes on tape-label ThirdTypeTapes in his short discography) and French performer Eduardo Ribuyo aka C_C, born (and already gone?) on the live stage of “On fait du l’art!”, a performative space/lab led by the same-maned artistic community in Lausanne (Switzerland) on 22nd […]