Kotra “Cicada” is out today!

Please welcome our new release
  KOTRA “CICADA” Lost and forgotten album from the founder of Kvitnu, conserved and fermented in digital archives for unknown cycles. Passed the time test and reawakened back to light. Razor-sharp dance songs from the buried underground squeezed between raw tension impulses of abstract irritated sound harmonies. Acute pressure of moving concrete sonic forms and […]

New reactions from FFM about Kvitnu and new Kotra album

Were one obliged to conduct an (ultimately pointless) argument over the finest label in Eastern Europe, a prime contender would nonetheless emerge from the streets of Kiev: Kvitnu. Founded eleven years ago by Dmytro Fedorenko, Kvitnu was designed from the outset both “to amplify experimental noises emanating from Ukraine and to discover new sonic variations […]

So What Musica review for Mingle

Sospesi in una dimensione transitoria in cui ogni elemento può essere manipolato per seguire il corso di un pensiero. Tutto giunge vivido e tangibile, ma si tratta di una concretezza gassosa capace di sfuggire ad ogni regola del reale. È una bolla spazio-temporale quella plasmata da Mingle, un ambiente privo di limiti visibili capace di accogliere […]

Review for Exo_c “Laboyatta”

“Exoterrism and C_C join forces on this sonic avalanche of dense and dubby discordance. Described as “noise poetry of distorted sonic perfection,” Kvitnu elaborate once again on the fundamental properties of extreme abstract electronics—Laboyatta being the latest nine-track collage. All manner of broken machinery is transformed into engorged chaos. “Dub1” delivers this message effectively as […]