Sodapop reviewed Mingle’s “Ephemeral”

Per Andrea Gastaldello/Mingle il termine “iperattività” semplicemente non ha significato, la serie di frequenti uscite che hanno caratterizzato gli ultimi tempi altro non è che la normale cadenza che al momento l’ispirazione gli concede. Così, a poco dall’affascinante collaborazione con Deison dedicato al fiume Tagliamento, ecco Ephemerala rinnova il sodalizio con l’etichetta austro-ucraina Kvitnu che già aveva licenziato Static. Proprio da […]

Mingle “Ephemeral” – our new release is out today!

Pure advanced psychedelic sound flow. A perfect guide for a deep inside trip of any complexity. Music, which can handle time. The ticking of an old alarm clock, keeping the time, relentless… Certain vanishing moments, they become dreams that you can’t seize – dreams pass, weightless. They don’t happen. That very instant – it’s when […]

Exo_C review from ATTN:Magazine

There are two layers to LABOYATTA. First: the electronics. Dry and corroded, clenching and oozing, caked in interference that clings to the surface like a crust of mud and foil. These thumps and hums are the album’s forward thrust, but only just – taking lead from dub’s contradictory mixture of inexorable drive and gravitational paralysis, lurching […]