Bad Alchemy review for Sturqen “Cura”

“STURQEN Cura (KVITNU 45): Kvitnu wurde von Kiew nach Wien verlegt, Dmytro Fedorenko nutzt aber weiterhin seine ukrainischen Verbindungen, um hervorragende Produkte herzustellen, und seine internationalen, um nach “Piranha”, “Peste”, “Colera”, “Praga” und “Neo­phobia” einmal mehr power­elektronischen, technoabstrakten Left­field-Sound von César Rodrigues & David Arantes zu präsentieren. Das Duo aus Porto scheut sich diesmal nicht, […]

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New review for Plaster “Mainframe” from Chain D.L.K.

It’s quite strange that this astonishing release by Plaster (dating back last November, but release dates sometimes don’t really matter), the Rome-based project by Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri, has not received many feedbacks on well-known zines, even if I think it’s one of the best acts from the liminal stylistic territory between power electronics, dark-ambient and […]

Igloo Magazine already reviewed Sturqen’s “Cura”

Exploring an inner violence, Sturqen have inadvertently created a fluid audio distraction of raw industrial soundscapes. As Cura (Cure in English) suggests treatment or restoration of a sick organism, Porto Portugal-based Sturqen (aka David Arantes, César Rodrigues) are a prolific duo that continue to rattle exp-electronics and modular soundscapes. How they intend to organize and explore this inner […]