New review for Trenkel

… intially unimpressed with Frans de Waard & Roel Meelkop’s sound I played it again whilst making some art and heard it differently…the insistent bass throb infiltrated my head whilst my guard was down, penetrating my conscious listening mind as it did, I thought ‘Hold on, that’s good’, whilst recognising that there were no deeply embedded […]

One more review for Trenkel

Roel Meelkop et Frans de Waard, les deux membres de Wieman, sont deux musiciens cultes des scènes expérimentales, no wave et post-punk néerlandaises. Aperçus chez Raster Noton, 12K ou les Editions Mego, ils signent avec ce projet un nouveau concept sur le label ukrainien Kvitnu : il s’agit là d’un enrgistrement live d’une répétition de […]

Beach Sloth reviewed Wieman plays Goem

Trenkel is the embodiment of intensity. Almost clinical in nature the sound evolves with great patience. Progression requires the songs to go on for great periods of time as the sounds are refined further and further. With the pieces the songs appears to come into view each and every second. Repetition serves as a welcome […]