New pre-release and new artist on Kvitnu

Today we have a pre-release day for a new album CRYSTYLYS by new Kvitnu artist from Slovakia – BINMATU. BINMATU is a project of Jonas Gruska. Born in Czechoslovakia. You might already know Jonas by our last year’s release “Kallista” where he participated as sound research partner. Jonas works both with computers and machines. He […]

Matter “Biorhexistasy” – new release and first vinyl on Kvitnu!

Today we have a new release on Kvitnu. And this time it’s on vinyl! Great power album “BIORHEXISTASY” by our Italian overloaded beats master MATTER! Biorhexistasy named by the “Biorhexistasy theory” – which describes the climatic conditions required for periods of soil formation divided by erosion’s cycles. It is also a metaphor concerning modalities through […]