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  • Listen to track Fobos from upcoming Sturqen album Cura

    Listen to track Fobos from upcoming Sturqen album Cura, which can be pre-ordered already in our shop: http://shop.kvitnu.com/album/cura
  • Sturqen launch new video series Vakuo

    STURQEN launched a series of audio-visual works called Vakuo. First video made by Nicole Tsangaris Music by Sturqen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6E2G4TRl40&feature=youtu.be
  • Sturqen live at Passos Manuel

  • STURQEN “Fobos” – video

    STURQEN – Fobos Video for a track from the album Cura – http://shop.kvitnu.com/album/cura  
  • Review for Sturqen “Cura”

    Brutal to its very core is the distortion-laden textures of Sturqen’s “Cura”. Over the course of the album Sturqen goes for a peculiar take on digital haze. The beats are ferocious as they destroy everything in their path. Even when there is no beat to be found the emotional heft of the sound itself is […]
  • Luna Kafe reviewed Sturqen’s “Cura”

    Yet again Kvitnu presents another document form their series of music from ‘the brightest side of the darkest sound’. Sturqen has released a line of albums and EPs over the years (as CDs, cassettes or on vinyl – for labels like Kvitnu, as well as for Ordinária, Third Type Tapes, Metaphysik, and Silvox Recordings), with […]
  • Bad Alchemy review for Sturqen “Cura”

    “STURQEN Cura (KVITNU 45): Kvitnu wurde von Kiew nach Wien verlegt, Dmytro Fedorenko nutzt aber weiterhin seine ukrainischen Verbindungen, um hervorragende Produkte herzustellen, und seine internationalen, um nach “Piranha”, “Peste”, “Colera”, “Praga” und “Neo­phobia” einmal mehr power­elektronischen, technoabstrakten Left­field-Sound von César Rodrigues & David Arantes zu präsentieren. Das Duo aus Porto scheut sich diesmal nicht, […]
  • Vital Weekly about Sturqen’s “Cura”

    “Their sound is most of the time quite intense, especially on the low end of the bass drum and the intensity of some of the synthesizers they use. This is surely a band that I wouldn’t mind seeing live and get a real blast.” http://www.vitalweekly.net/1036.html
  • -40% Summer Sale

    -40% SUMMER SALE! Starting today and until the autumn takes us, we give you -40% discount on everything in our shop: physical products, digital downloads, artists packs and t-shirts. Just use code word – rozkvit – on check-out to get your discount. But it is not all! In addition to this discount, every physical order will have a […]
  • STURQEN “Passaros” – video

    Track from recently released album Cura http://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu45/
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