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  • First review for “Harmonic Ratio”

    Does not it seem to you that this album has a rather paradoxical name? Paradoxical not to that extent that it became senseless – however, to the degree sufficient to induce that ratio (meaning “reason”) to bite its own tail. I mean here that our reason seems to aspire to harmony, but for some reason […]
  • Geiger magazine about Kvitnu

    After long night intervew in one of Krakow’s pubs in 2008 with Rasmus Steffensen, Danish magazine Geiger made big article about Kvitnu in issue #17. More information is here http://www.geiger.dk, but better to get this great magazine for real, if you are in Denmark of course..
  • NowaMuzyka.pl writes about Critikal

    Polish web portal about electronic music NowaMuzyka posted a review for Critikal’s CD. The text is i polish. You can view it here: http://www.nowamuzyka.pl/recenzje.php?id=1202
  • Connexion Bizarre about Viter

    With “Viter,” Ukrainian experimental electronic artist and designer Zavoloka begins a series of four concept releases dedicated to the traditional four elements of nature. Dedicated to the element of air (the title means “wind” in Ukrainian), “Viter” is the first installment of this tetralogy. Though short in duration (20 minutes), “Viter” is nevertheless a true […]
  • De:Bug about our first release

    Ich freu mich schon eine Weile drauf, diese CD zu hören, weil sie einfach so sagenhaft gut aussieht in ihrer Obergröße und mit dem feinen urainischen Golddruck. Und die Musik ist – jedenfalls für das, was ich als Vergleich heranziehen kann – auch sehr goldig. Plinkernd leicht fast, Digitales wirkt hier eher am Rande, das […]
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