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  • New release with new artist – Stray Dogs!

    Today we are proud to present a new work from new artists on Kvitnu – Stray Dogs. „And the days began to walk“ is Stray Dogs’ 3rd album, after 2010’s Intangible States and 2013’s Wasteland. The music on this album was composed for contemporary dance performances by the renowned choreographers Ina Christel Johannessen and Stephan […]
  • Ilpo Väisänen’ new work released today!

    After quite long production period we are happy to present you our new release – Syntetisaattori Musiikkia Kuopiosta by Ilpo Väisänen. This mini-album is the second solo work of Ilpo under his own name since 16 years! Released as 180g heavy black vinyl record inlayed into high quality 5-color printed heavy cardboard envelope with additional golden […]
  • Matter “Paroxysmal” – our 42nd release is out!

    Matter is one of the most accurate and advanced distortion manipulators in experimental music today. Like a real acoustic surgeon, he perfectly knows how much wrecking and sonic destruction he can slice into a track to bring it to the perfect form and the most acute shape. Matter delivers extreme but grown up sound for […]
  • New sound on Kvitnu by Malfinia Ensemblo and their first album “Varsovia”

    Kvitnu is pleased to announce new artist Malfinia Ensemblo with their first album “Varsovia“! Recorded in Warsaw in late 2012, The Norman Conquest and Andi Stecher came together to work on their first album quite spontaneously after sharing a tour in Europe with their individual projects. Through the common idea of creating dark, abstract, and […]
  • Zavoloka “Volya” – new release on Kvitnu

    We have a new release on Kvitnu today! Zavoloka “Volya” Volya means freedom. Inspired by Ukrainian winter revolution, it’s blood and fire. Metal rhythms from the riot streets, the sound of burned police cars, gas grenades explosions and the molotov cocktail symphony. The liberty napalm of transformation. Dedicated to Ukraine. Released as CD and digital […]
  • Pre-view and pre-order upcoming EP “Volya” by Zavoloka

    Pre-view upcoming Kvitnu release “Volya” by Zavoloka And pre-order it right now at our Bandcamp shop: https://kvitnu.bandcamp.com/album/volya To be released on 13th of August as CD and digital download.
  • New release “Interceptor” by new artist Asolaar!

    Today we have a new release and new artist! ASOLAAR “INTERCEPTOR” Honest, raw, beautiful and powerful noise document from new Kvitnu artist Asolaar from Argentina. Ten tracks of pure pulsating energy, formed into precise sharp edged structures. Accurate harsh minimalism with highly explosive attitude. This release is going to be a strong addition to a […]
  • New release on Kvitnu – VNDL “Étoiles”

    Our 31st release by our new artist from Canada – VNDL. Work specially selected for Autumn release. Controlled randomness of squished rhythms and melodies, crashed together into one deep and complex work. Music written by Philippe Vandal. Artwork & photo created by Zavoloka. Release page: http://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu31/ Pre-order CDr version (available in two weeks): http://shop.kvitnu.com/vndl/95-vndl-etoiles-cd.html Order […]
  • 30th release on Kvitnu – Sturqen “Neophobia”

    Today we can celebrate our 30th release on Kvitnu, which is also our second vinyl release! It’s “Neophobia” by Sturqen! The last time Sturqen came out on Kvitnu was less than a year ago with their collaborative release “Luz”, recorded together with Kotra. In the same year they released their deeply meditative and beautiful “Raia”, […]
  • Pre order your copy of new Sturqen album “Neophobia”!

    NEOPHOBIA – the new STURQEN album – is available for pre-orders now!!! Every pre-order – 12″ LP or digital – includes immediate download of 1 track “Toxinas” in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the complete album will be emailed to you the moment it’s released. Please visit Neophobia […]
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