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  • Fresh KVITNU podcast for LUFF festival

    Fresh KVITNU podcast for LUFF festival. A lot of unreleased tracks from upcoming albums!   Enjoy! ;) https://soundcloud.com/lylradio/kvitnu-191017
  • New podcast with Kvitnu tracks

    Tracklist: Eugene Ward – Printed Matter (Duet 1) (Where To Now?) LFO – Nurture (Surgeon Remix) (Warp) Isolat Pattern – Twinning (Kvitnu) De Leon – 09 (Aught) + Rivet loop Eugene Ward – Printed Matter (Solo) (Where To Now?) + Rivet loop Iskeletor – Gossamer Web (Boomarm Nation) The Durian Brothers – Girigiri (Diskant) ASC […]
  • Kvitnu podcast at Electronique.it

    Electronique.it started series of label presentations and our podcast comes first in series. Enjoy and share with your friends. http://www.electronique.it/podcast/11721-e-p-244-label-edition-kvitnu
  • Sturqen made podcast for Secret Thirteen

  • Sturqen podcast for SeekSickSound

    At the end of June Sturqen will perform at Les Siestes Electroniques festival in Toulouse. We asked guys from SeekSickSound to put online Sturqen podcast to prepare Toulouse audience more for their music. And here it is – you too can grab it and listen.
  • Kvitnu mixtape download at REDEFINE MAGAZINE

    REDEFINE Magazine from Seattle, USA asked us to make a Mixtape for their magazine’s website, containing tracks from Kvitnu releases. And here it is! Enjoy this small “introduction to Kvitnu” podcast http://www.redefinemag.com/music/mixtapes/mixtapes_2.php?artist=Kvitnu&id=2503
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