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  • Upcoming Kvitnu live dates for November

  • Plaster live at Pompei

    Tomorrow PLASTER live at Pompei! https://www.facebook.com/events/372761916126614/  
  • Upcoming live dates for Kvitnu artists

    07.09.12 -KOTRA & ZAVOLOKA at Funen artmuseum, Odense, Denmark 08.09.12 – ZAVOLOKA & KOTRA at The Morning Line, Vienna, Austria 08.09.12 – KOTRA (DJ-set) at Ostklub, Vienna, Austria 09.09.12 – KOTRA & ZAVOLOKA at The Morning Line, Vienna, Austria 13.09.12 – STURQEN at Phono festival, Odense, Denmark 14.09.12 – PLASTER at Pompei Lab, Pompei, Italy […]
  • Nice text for Plaster’s “Platforms” from France

    It’s here: http://chroniquotheque.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/platforms-de-plaster/
  • “Double Connection” reviewed by Shiver webzine

    Plaster “Double Connection” was reviewed by Shiver webzine (Italy) Check it here: http://www.shiverwebzine.com/2012/04/20/plaster-double-connection-2012-kvitnu/
  • Three Kvitnu releases are in TOP10 of 2011!

    Three Kvitnu releases appeared in electronic TOP10 of 2011 by French zine Indie Rock Mag! In best albums: Plaster “Platforms” and Zavoloka “Vedana”. In Best EP’s – Zavoloka “Svitlo”. More information about other releases from the list is here: http://www.indierockmag.com/article17903.html
  • Very good and detailed review for “Platforms” from Chain D.L.K.

  • New release – Plaster “Double Connection” is out!

    And here’s our new, 22nd release on Kvitnu. We open this year of releases with work which is strongly connected to our last CD “Platforms” by Plaster. It’s a remix EP for one of tracks from “Platforms” – Double Connection.
  • And here comes review for “Platforms” by Electronique.it!

    Incredibile album di debutto per questo che scopriamo essere un duo italiano (romano per giunta) formato da Gianclaudio Moniri e Giuseppe Carlini che incidono per l’ottima Kvitnu Records questo lavoro dal titolo Platforms.
  • Cyclic Defrost reviewed “Platforms”

    Plaster (Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri and Giuseppe Carlini) have previously supported Alva Noto, Ryoji Ikeda and Frank Bretschneider, clearly influences on the Rome-based duo. Platforms, their second album, stands up well alongside Raster Noton releases, their gritty refined hiss, clicks and subbass thumps most closely reminiscent of Raster Noton regular Senking.
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